Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2009: Top 10 DVD Releases

Introducing the Horror Dose 2009 Top 10 DVD Releases. If you have posted your own list, please comment the link!

I'd like to thank Carl (I Like Horror Movies), Bo (The Last Blog on the Left), and Gore Gore Girl (The Gore Gore Girl) for all of their comments and suggestions during this first year of Horror Dose. Because of these fine folks, among many others recently, I realized my ignorance and have expanded my horror palate exponentially.

I'm looking forward to continuing Horror Dose in 2010!

Without further ado...

10. The Hills Run Red
9. Thirst
8. [REC]
7. Paranormal Activity
6. Deadgirl
5. Grace
4. Drag Me to Hell
3. Martyrs
2. Trick 'r Treat
1. Let the Right One In

Honorable Mention:


  1. Thanks for the shout-out, and, yes, I will shamelessly plug our top 10 here:

    There's some crossover on your list and my own, but I couldn't bring myself to put Paranormal Activity on that list. I reviewed the film, so I won't do a full recap, but essentially the relationship between Micah and Katie wore out its welcome very quickly. Particularly Micah, who was such a stereotypical dumb husband that it bordered on the comic. Still, I think some of the scares do work and I get how it can be very effective.

    Been a good year for horror... Happy (and Bloody) New Year!

  2. An excellent, excellent list Chris, this is actually one of the better lists I have seen posted and more in line with my personal tastes. I think as much as I hated MARTYRS it is sure to be the one with the most lasting effect on the genre. I am glad you got to expand your horrorizons this year, and looking forward to a prosperous 2010 with Horror Dose!!

  3. Bo - You and Maven have a great list! I really enjoyed the audio version, too. Thanks again for recommending four of the movies that appear in my list. Looking forward to this year!

    Carl - Where is your list? Is it posted yet? I'm looking forward to it. And, as I said, thanks for your help from the start of this blog! I find it embarrassing that I used to think I was a true horror fan but had never heard of Argento at the same time!