Tuesday, February 7, 2012

2011: Top 10 DVD Releases

With limited time to watch movies last year, I definitely didn't get a chance to see all the titles I planned to watch. But of the movies I did see, here are my top picks. As usual, my list is limited to DVDs that released through Netflix during 2011.

Overall, I don't feel that 2011 was a very sensational year for horror, mostly, I feel, due to Hollywood genre-buzz pollution. This list was difficult to construct once I selected the top 5 because there were so many duds (e.g. My Soul to Take, The Ward). In any case, here's my very late list. I haven't watched any movies yet for 2012, but my Netflix Saved queue is full of promising titles: The Woman, The Pack, The Divide, The Innkeepers, ATM, Excision, John Dies at the End, Livid, and more.

10. Insidious
9. Paranormal Activity 2
8. Buried
7. Let Me In
6. The Clinic
5. Tucker & Dale vs. Evil
4. The Last Exorcism
3. I Saw the Devil
2. Dream Home
1. Hatchet II

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