Friday, January 14, 2011

2010: Top 10 DVD Releases

Another year, another list! This is the second annual Horror Dose Top 10 DVD Releases list, and though last year saw a drop in Horror Dose activity, I still managed to see most of the 2010-released movies I wanted to see (and, as goes with the territory, some released I didn't want to see). Keep in mind, the candidates for this list are for the most part limited to DVDs that released through Netflix in 2010, thus there may be some movies that technically released in 2009.

10. The Collector
9. Dread
8. Antichrist
7. Halloween II
6. Lake Mungo
5. Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever
4. Frozen
3. The Human Centipede: First Sequence
2. Dead Snow
1. The House of the Devil

Here's to a new year filled with great horror movies!


  1. Oh I know that feeling of watching a shit-ton and posting infrequently. Sigh.

    You've managed to list one of my favourites and one of my least favourites -- bravo. Favourite: Cabin Fever 2; Least Favourite: The Collector. Ugh, I hated that flick. I also enjoyed Dead Snow (after a disconcertingly shaky-cam beginning).

    I also really loved Daybreakers, but like Cabin Fever 2 it rarely gets any love. :(

  2. GGG - I thought The Collector was mediocre, yet it still made the top 10 list. Guess that proves that I didn't get to see much else that impressed me very much last year. For example, a buddy recently shamed me for not seeing Mega Piranha. But, yeah, Cabin Fever 2 was some of the most horror-movie fun I've had in a while!

    Carl - On many levels I agree with you about Antichrist, including aesthetics and cerebral thematic execution/development (however skewed I feel some of the masculinity/femininity and psychological underpinnings are). I think it didn't really seem like a horror movie to me; it's more of an art film (and not just because of some of the effects), so I never really considered it against the rest of the films. That is to say it is ad extra in terms of this site's typical scope, in my most humble of opinions. Why is it so low on the list? Re: My above comment to GGG: I didn't have a lot of great movies to pick from last year, and so I was sort of groping for the last few selections.

    I hope this year is stronger!

    (Will the French give us another morsel?)