Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Clinic (2010)

Now here's a film that surprised me. In my usual fashion, I had eschewed information about the movie, including trailers, reviews, etc., so the only preconceptions I had were based on the cover art printed on the Netflix DVD. And based on that, I figured this was either (a) another vacation that ends in a black market ring for body parts, or (b) another gross-out torture flick. Well, sure, conventions are used from both subgenres--many well known horror conventions are melded together--but it ends up being fresh and interesting nonetheless. I commend James Rabbitts for his ability to keep the pacing with a slowly unfolding exposition regarding what, exactly, the point is with everything that's going on. There are carefully placed moments of plot-thickening and mystery, which compels the viewer to stick around until the very end. And there are a lot of wince-inducing flaws that are inevitable with such an ambitious, heavy plot, but overall the movie is very well done and interesting from start to finish.

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