Monday, April 5, 2010

The Fourth Kind (2009)

Rating: F
This is like watching someone try to be cool and fit in. The movie tries harder than any other film out there in terms of making the viewer understand that THIS IS BASED ON TRUE EVENTS! I get it for cryin' out loud! Actual footage, actual voices, juxtaposition of the dramatization and actual footage here and there with an annoying split-screen. What's the point? This is largely boring with maybe two small flickers of potential, somewhere, I think, maybe.

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  1. There are two things I don't do, and one of them happens to be aliens. Like most of the fans of the horror or supernatural genre(s), the frightening is fascinating to me; as a result I have an insatiable appetite for any "actual" or "true" events around aliens. I think the horror for me is that I'm not so sure that they don't exist. With that, I highly anticipated this movie. Unfortunately the viral market campaigns and the constant insistence that the events were indeed steeped in truth killed it for me as well. It was so over-the-top that I called BS and attempted to corroborate the events via actual news reports. All I found were references set up by none other than the production company itself. Hell even the landscape shot of Nome, Alaska gives us lush mountains and trees with the town nestled between. Nome, in case you weren't aware, is very flat and barren. And so is this movie.

  2. Watching this one tonight I think? The wife brought it home from sexy Netflix

  3. Human Filth - Nice journalistic work, my friend! I knew something wasn't right with this film. Too over-the-top indeed. Try again, Hollywood.

  4. Is it bad? cuz i really wanted to see it, but all i hear are bad things about it....