Monday, March 29, 2010

Hidden (2009)

Rating: __
I can't give this a rating since I didn't finish it, but suffice it to say I couldn't make it through 90 minutes. This was noting more than a mash-up of every scare tactic and horror movie gimmick out there.

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  1. So bad. I only finished it because I had to review it for a website that was not my own.

    Really a mirror scare?

  2. My thoughts exactly! I rolled my eyes and slumped in my chair when that happened.

    Sorry you had to watch the whole feature.

  3. Ill go ahead and rate this an F without seeing it, thanks for the heads up guys!

  4. Honestly, Carl. Jaded nailed the overall feeling: Disappointment and disbelief. Move on with your life!

  5. HA...thanks for the warning! I will steer clear of this one!

  6. Excellent, Zombie! The more lives I can make better through repelling this dross, the better!