Monday, March 8, 2010

Dead Snow (2009)

Rating: A+
Død Snø. Listen up, everyone [STOP] There is no excuse for omitting this one [STOP] It is highly entertaining [STOP] À la Trick 'r Treat, you will have a darn good time joining in on this celebration of horror [FULL STOP]

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  1. me too. it's in my queue for sure.

  2. Love this movie - after a slightly shaky start, it ended up rocking.

    NB. Do *not* get the dubbed version - make sure it is subtitled.

  3. I absolutely did NOT watch this, or any other foreign movie, with the dubbed audio.

    Great movie!

  4. ^ Good. In the states dubbed movies are way more common than in the UK, so I always have to say that these days. In fact, it has at times been difficult for me to rent non-dubbed films.