Thursday, May 14, 2009

Autopsy (2008)

Though this is probably my least favorite so far (I've seen 5/8 from ADHIII now), it still didn't disappoint me. In fact, despite having seen this plot time and time again, Autopsy was fast, fun, and bizarre. Jessica Lowndes overshadowed perhaps everyone else on screen with an amazing Final Girl performance; it truly made me forget that I had seen this before.

I admit that I (a) forgot to take notes while watching the movie, (b) watched the movie very late, (c) am writing this post several days after watching the movie. So, perhaps you can read into this: I don't remember anything specific about the movie, but I enjoyed it overall. Usually I walk away from movies with a specific scene or quote that stuck with me, but in this case I have nothing. The best part about the flick is perhaps when we finally get to see the insane "human" life support system at the end.

Whenever I get to the point where I ascertain that the plot revolves around people being captured for torture, body parts, and so on, I immediately want to know why. Had this been The Brøken I would never have my explaination, but the plot behind the madness seemed to be that Robert Patrick (always creepy) was capturing people, tasting their spinal fluid (?), and using them to keep his wife alive. So, yeah. He has hired two brutes and a strange, buxom lunchlady (intone with Adam Sandler's song here) to govern the people that make their way to the pseudo-deserted hospital. In typical horror movie form, the film does a good job causing the audience to ask their television screen over and over, Why can't you people see that something is wrong here? But, to be fair, in Jamie Foxx's terms, we could "blame it on the a-a-a-a-a-a-co-hol!"

To sum it all up, it's not the best I've seen of the ADHIII so far, as I've said, but it's equally entertaining. You will be dazzled by Jessica Lowndes and perplexed by some of the movie's antics. But it is by no means worth missing.

Review Soundtrack:
This Or The Apocalypse - "We Are Debt"
Jamie Foxx - "Blame It"

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  1. In spite of Lowndes, I was completely checked out on this one, the gore even felt too fake for me, which is a real hard feat to achieve! Looking forward to the review!

  2. Carl - I think my mood was perfect for this movie when I watched it. Plus, I can't stop thinking how much better this batch of ADH movies is!