Thursday, May 7, 2009

Voices (2007)

Just when I thought Perkins' 14 must have been the finest entry in this year's ADH, Voices, a Korean gem, viciously slaughters its way into first place (this could change, as I've only seen two of the eight films). What is it with Korean actors, actresses, directors, etc.? They just 'get' horror films; they understand what the audience is looking for. Voices makes you think, keeps you in suspense, twists, turns, disturbs, and soaks the screen with crimson gore! It also features Jin-seo Yun, who happens to be the gal from Oldboy and Lady Vengence--also great movies.

In typical Asian horror film fashion Voices is about a curse that will not go away, no matter what the characters try. After a lot of brutal violence (seriously, it's amazing for an ADH movie), the heroine seeks out a Wise-Old-Dude-Who-Understands-What-Is-Going-On, although he doesn't come right out and get to everything. He draws it out with his own story and then we (and the heroine) are left to digest it. Finally the movie picks back up with some closure and a twist that secures an enjoyable second-watch of the movie. Although, I have to say, this sort of twist is becoming a common theme in the movies I've been watching lately.

So, why I loved Voices. Not only was it violent, it actually had a handful of jumpy shock scenes that actually caused me to flinch. As my heart steadied, I revelled in the adrenaline that was pumped into my bloodstream and realized that this is what we watch these movies for. I also realized that it had been way too long since the last time I saw a movie that caused me to flinch, jump, and smile with satisfaction. Lately movies seems to be playing off of disturbing gore alone. Voices has more than a handful of scenes that will 'get' you, especially if you crank the speakers!

I'm going to stop there before going into anything else that would steal value from a first-time viewer (I know you're reading this, too, despite the "contains spoilers" warning). I would advise you to procure a copy of this film, kill the lights, crank the speakers, and enjoy. Don't even read the synopsis; as I've said, it's your typical Asian horror plot, but Voices resorts to great acting, invigorating special effects, and pulse-pounding action. Voices does NOT play out like your bottom-of-the-barrel B-movie.

In keeping with the Horrorfest III lineup, Autopsy is next...

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