Saturday, July 25, 2009

From Within (2008)

Much better than the recent Slaughter. This flick offered a well-developed plot, strong characters, taut pacing, and visualyl stimulating thrills. Sure, there are a multitude of films out there based on the "religious zealotry" plot, but something about From Within just worked--I was glued to the movie from beginning to end. More than anything else, I enjoyed the strong lead by Elizabeth Rice and the redneck antics of Adam Goldberg.


  1. Something about these "After Dark" movies...just can't bring myself to start watching them. Are they worth it?

  2. Billy - I would recommend picking only from the most recent offering. The first and second year's selection...severely disappointing.

  3. I havent had the chance to check out any of the new ADH films from the third year, but there are a few im interested in, will be adding this one to the wishlist based on the recommendation Chris!