Saturday, July 4, 2009

Frontiers (2007)

Think Texas Chainsaw Massacre mixed with Hostel, but with superb cinematography, acting, lighting, pacing, sound, and gore, as only the French seem to be able to master in the horror genre. Frontiers continues the trend of brutal French horror with high production value; and this after having seen High Tension, Martyrs, and Inside, among others. When it comes to a bloody good time, this movie is the guest of honor.


  1. Took a while to kick into gear, but that doesnt exactly count against it. Another good call on this one Chris

  2. Yeah, it seems to be a part of the French formula for new extremity horror flicks! After seeing the three movies mentioned in my sparse review above, I wasn't sure this one could hold its!

  3. Frontiers was so pretty damn good. I liked it a lot better than Martyrs and somewhat better the High Tension. It has some grade A action and horror in it, which is all I could ever want.