Saturday, June 6, 2009

Inside (2007)

I think I've said it before, but I'll say it again: the French are creating a new wave of horror recently. In fact, critics are calling this wave New French Extremism, which is more than fitting for Inside. Having recently watched Martyrs, I wasn't sure if Inside would even affect me, but I quickly forgot about Martyrs and was sucked into a new hellish world. This movie took the pacing and brutality of High Tension and ramped it up a few notches higher.

It's amazing how effortlessly the French filmmakers are able to spend the first fifteen minutes or so laying down some exposition and then maintain intense action and pacing for the remaining seventy-five minutes or so. Typically when this structure is employed, the audience either grows numb to the gore or just plain tired of the heightened action sequences back-to-back, but, once again, Inside starts off with a creepy stalker standing outside and then pushes the envelope further and further until a repulsive climax that will leave you saying no! no! no! But it will also leave extreme horror movie buffs satisfied (you sickos!).

I'm trying to determine which movie was more disturbing: Inside or Martyrs ...

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