Thursday, June 11, 2009

Majesty (2009)

Something new for Horror Dose: a musical performance DVD. Since I was able to find The Black Dahlia Murder's new DVD release on Netflix, I figured I'd review it on Horror Dose. If you're familiar with this band, it makes since to post a review on a horror site.

First off, Shannon Lucas is out of control on drums! The DVD is not a Shannon Lucas DVD, so, unfortunately, it doesn't show his drumming the whole time. But everyone else is on point, too, so it works out. The live performances are phenomenal: brilliant audio and video quality, which is a must for a metal band like this. I haven't watched the music videos because I don't care about music videos.

The greatest part of this DVD release is the outtakes from the band. As if we needed any more reason to think that the guys from Black Dahlia are outrageous, we get a glimpse into their lives as they travel from gig to gig. There are moments in this footage that seriously cracked me up!

Great DVD for the Black Dahlia fan, but if you're a Lucas fan, you'll probably be a trifle disappointed. Oh well!

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