Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Mum & Dad (2008)

A bizarre, twisted, grim British horror film that left me puzzled. I just can't figure out why, out of all the torture-plotted horror movies I've seen, this one was not enjoyable in any way. Seriously, there wasn't a moment in the movie where I found myself having a good time watching it, and that's what horror movies are for: allowing fans to have a good time with "horrific" situations. Perhaps this was the effect Steven Sheil, writer and director, aimed for. In any case, I can honestly say I wish I had chosen something else and left Mum & Dad unwatched. I'll take a Saw movie any day over this one

I'm not a filmmaker, so I can't even guess what kind of camera this was shot on--perhaps someone can answer that for me--but the video quality gave it a "realistic" look that helped emphasize dread. The video quality combined with the minimal, almost nonexistent musical score really brought the character's to the forefront of the film, which was a little different for a torture film. Traditionally it's all about the torture scenes, but this film does harp on the characters and their personal conflicts. After the first few scenes within Mum & Dad's house, the gore only seems to include body parts carried about in plastic bags, though there is one small little bit that caused both the heroine and me to gag.

Now that I think about it, this movie left me feeling the same way I felt after watching The Girl Next Door, though reading that book was a completely different experience than the below average movie. You sort of feel like an awful person for watching the movie, but at the same time you cannot help but stay glued to the screen in hopes of revenge, escape, something. But, like my experience with Jack Ketchum's terrifying story (based on a true story, mind), once that "something" occurred at the end of Mum & Dad I felt unmoved, still stuck in the grimness of the preceding 70 minutes.

My advice, watch Hostel, Saw, even The People Under The Stairs if you want a few visual gags, twisted characters, and a sadistic plot. Mum & Dad has all been done before, but not so poorly.


  1. I dont understand how this film has managed to generate either phenomenal praise or utter disgust, I have to see it now because of all the bipolar feedback

  2. Carl - LOL! After scanning the multitude of reviews, I, too, had to watch it for myself. Love your term "bipolar feedback." I'll look for your review/comment in the future.