Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Book of Blood (2008)

Rating: C-
The first five minutes had me hooked. For whatever reason, the ominous closeups in the diner pulled all my attention into the movie--an amazing feat given that my mind was still absorbed in schoolwork. But, sadly, the movie fell flat. In fact, it turned into nothing more than what recent big studio haunted house flicks have already exhausted. No one from the cast was interesting; the thrills were tiresome; and the story (a combination of Clive Barker's "Book of Blood" and "On Jerusalem Street") were lost in an apparently difficult effort to build up the twist. If you want an entertaining experience adapted from the mind of Clive Barker, stick with The Midnight Meat Train or Hellraiser (the first one). Or, and this just came to me, watch only the first and last fifteen minutes of this movie. Better yet, just read the story (advice I usually offer when someone asks what I thought of a Stephen King adaptation).

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  1. Interesting. Hadn't heared of this one. Great write up.

  2. Thanks, Sarah. Not sure how I came across it either. Have you seen The Midnight Meat Train?