Thursday, January 14, 2010


I would like to thank the bloggers (below) who saw this site fit to receive an award. Receiving these awards lets me know that people other than my proud mother look at this blog (My son can make things on the Internet, she boasts to her friends). Unfortunately, grad school has recently gotten the best of my time, and I'm severely ADD, which keeps me from being able to read and follow instructions most of the time. So let the following list of notable blogs suffice!

Bloggers from whom I received awards:

The Jaded Reviewer - Not only does The Jaded Reviewer save all of us a lot of time by aggregating various lists across a multitude of blogs, this blogger has an outstanding format for reviews!

Hayes Hudson's House of Horror - A word to describe this blogger is zeal. Zombie Hayes does neat giveaways, and you can feel the energy in each informative post!

B-Movie Becky - Knowledgeable. Clever. Talented. Humorous. The first post I ever read on Becky's blog was a CAPS review for Splinter, and I've been hooked ever since!

Other blogs I would send an award to if I set aside my raging narcissism and took time to recognize the efforts of others

Last Blog on the Left
I Like Horror Movies
Horror Movie a Day
Tower Farm Reviews
Day of the Woman
Gore Gore Girl

If you aren't listed here, send me a link to your blog so I can check it out. So far, every blog I've scoped out has been better than the waste I pump into the blogosphere.


  1. Thank you for all of the kind words. I assure you that there are blogs out there that will make you feel like the most amazing writer that ever lived. :D

  2. Thanks, Chris! I appreciate all the kind words you throw our way, and I look forward to agreeing (and occasionally disagreeing) with you more in the coming year. When are you coming on our podcast, anyway?

  3. Bo - I'd be delighted to join your podcast!

  4. BO - And by the way, I plugged your podcast here:

  5. High five on the awards Chris, very well deserved and I always appreciate the positive support! Now go watch Behind the Mask again!

  6. Carl - Every person I've urged to watch behind the Mask has had a satisfying experience!