Saturday, January 9, 2010

Opera (1987)

Rating: A
Ah, the giallo. A classy Italian slasher. And no one does it better than Mr. Argento. Opera is pure Argento with a mysterious killer, trademark POV shots, and the injection of loud 80s music intense sequences. It also throws in some creative camerawork, such as the heart-beat effect and a lot of nice close-ups (loved the necklace retrieval gag and the bullet through the peep hole gag). Though not quite on the level of Suspiria or Deep Red, Opera is a great entry in the Argento canon.

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  1. OPERA > ALL, I love the fantastic imagery. Hard to tell, Im sure lol..

  2. And now I (can't help but) see the inspiration for your blog's banner! Superb!

  3. FYI...your blog was given an award by my site, Hayes Hudson's House Of Horror!! Conagrats! Go here to get your reward banner to post on your site!