Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Saw VI (2009)

Rating: B
To be a sixth installment, this wasn't bad. Visually stimulating throughout and laden with current events (e.g. healthcare reform, loan defaulting, etc.), which I found to be quite amusing. I also got my wish after drowning in the exposition of Saw V: VI does contain flashbacks and plot-thickening, but not as exhaustively. The only real fault I found was in the movie's twist-per-scene structure, especially toward the end (of course). It's as if the filmmakers decided, Okay, everyone loves Saw because of the cool twist at the end of the first one, so we'll just add as many twists as we can and hope one triggers that same awe. Well, unfortunately, the "twists" get old. Unless you have a structure to support a twist-per-scene, e.g. Memento, the "twists" will become tiresome.

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