Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Session 9 (2001)

Rating: C
I've been seeing a lot of positive reviews on Session 9, and since psychological horror movies are my favorite I didn't hesitate. Unfortunately it was below average (a C, actually) not only for a psychological thriller but for a horror movie in general. Devoid of camp, special effects, musical stings, and the multitude of other gimmicks horror movies usually employ, the movie relies upon subtlety and suspense to grip its audience. The subtlety caused this to be a two-part viewing for me--I couldn't get past the hour mark on my first attempt; and the suspense consists of no more than a few excessive, overplayed red herrings. The last ten minutes do pick up, however, but the "twist" fails on two counts: (1) it reaches past the limited pathos established by the preceding seventy-five minutes, and (2) it reuses a tactic utilized by countless psychological movies. For what it is, it doesn't do a bad job; it just does no more than a mundane job.

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  1. Repeat viewing is a necessity with this one. I found it to be rather tedious myself on the first watch through, but I can appreciate the slow build more now that Ive seen it a few times and know that we arent dealing with your average ghost tale

  2. A re-watch now that it is in perspective could definitely yield better results. I kept urging it in directions it wasn't interesting in going.

  3. cool sit but serously yo have to much time on ur hands