Monday, January 11, 2010

I Spit on Your Grave (1978)

Rating: B+
Day of the Woman. It's amazing to watch this movie today, as it was truly ahead of its time in 1978. Sure, over-the-top violence was on the market, but not in the same vein. The vein I'm talking about is realism or naturalism, which this movie aspires to portray. Though it is what it is, exploitation, female depravity, hard to watch; there is some good food for thought concerning base male sexuality (and how to deal with it). And, if you don't want to think too much, the movie offers plenty of delightful visuals, especially the tastefully implied visuals, e.g. the infamous bathtub scene!

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  1. I will be forever haunted by this movie. I spit on your grave for even mentioning it.

  2. This is an outstanding film. I taught this in a class on representations of women. It was very interesting to get feedback from undergrads in terms of their experience with the film. Definitely intense watching it in a crowded room.

  3. GGG - I'll bet it was intense in a crowded room of undergraduates (or any demographic for that matter)! You can even feel the tension in the room when Amy Hungerford reads aloud the footnote to Allen Ginsberg's "Howl" here:

  4. I just bought this! I, somehow, have avoided seeing it all these years. I can't wait to watch it this week, for the first time!


  5. I'm shocked I didn't put I Spit on your Grave on my top 5 list of Rape and Revenge movies.

    If you haven't seen these others, they are all insane in their own right.

    I mean its a nun shooting people!

  6. JM - Yes! I eagerly await a Tower Farm review of this one!

    Jaded - I knew before I even clicked on your link that Irreversible would be on there! Have you seen the French rape revenge movie Baise-moi (Rape me)? Thanks for the list!